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Outlook 2010 Unread Messages Filter

In previous versions of Outlook there was a view for "unread" messages. This would show just the messages that were unread in your INbox. This view was removed from Outlook 2010, but can be easily recreated.

On the View tab, choose "Change Views" and let the list drop down then "Manage Views..."

No need to reinvent everything, so if you have a view that you already use, which you would like to just show unread messages, such as "Single", then select it and choose Copy. Then change its name to "Unread Messages". You can also select whether it covers all messages in all folders or just the folder that is selected when you choose the view.

After pressing OK, you will then get the "Advanced View Settings: Unread Messages" box (where Unread Messages is whatever you have chosen the view to be called). Choose Filter, then the tab More Choices. Enable the option "Only items that are:" and select "Unread". Then press OK on each window to close it.

The view will now be available to you on the Change View menu.

Quick Access to the View

If you want quick access to the view, then right click on it in the Change View box and select "Add Gallery to Quick Access Toolbar".