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Exchange 2003, released near the end of 2002 has established itself as a very reliable email server for companies of all sizes. In its two main versions of Standard (also included with SBS 2003/2003 R2) and Enterprise, it has provided email support for many years. This section of the web site provides articles and guidance on using this version of Exchange.

Many of the articles will also apply to Exchange 2000, but this is not stated individually. If you are still using Exchange 2000, and things on this site don't match exactly, then it is most likely something that wasn't available in that version.

Setup and Configuration of the Exchange 2003 Server

Exchange 2003 Server Post Installation Tasks

Exchange 2003 Admin Tools Pre-Requisites

Exchange 2003 Best Practises Analyzer




ActiveSync Contents


Anti Spam, Cleaning up after a spam attack and securing the server.

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Managing the Exchange 2003 Server

Permissions Best Practises

Offline Address Book Errors

Enabling and Using Message Tracking

What Users Disk Space on Exchange 2003

Exchange 2003 Server Shutdown Script



Mailbox Content

Mailbox Functionality

Exchange Database

  • Event ID 1221

    For an inexperienced Exchange server administrator, this one event can cause confusion. This page guides though what it is actually telling you.
  • Exchange Database Introduction

    An overview of the Exchange database, its sizes and limitations. Covers all versions of Exchange.

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Microsoft Support

Exchange 2003 has been out of support with Microsoft since 8th April 2014.