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Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 was released in mid 2009 and is an evolution of Exchange 2007. As such, many of the techniques for Exchange 2007 also apply to Exchange 2010.

Exchange 2010 is also part of SBS 2011, so the techniques here apply to that version as well.

All techniques presume that you have the latest service pack installed.

Exchange 2010 Best Practises Analyzer

Exchange 2010 Troubleshooting Assistant

Exchange 2010 Shutdown Script


Hub Transport Role


Client Access Server Role


Mailbox Server Role


Installation, Initial Configuration and Migration

Sembee Ltd can provide consultancy for the entire process of installation, configuration and migration in the UK. This can often be more cost effective than doing the job yourself. For more information on our consultancy service, please contact us through our main business web site.

Using Exchange with a Load Balancer

Microsoft Support

Exchange 2010 is supported by Microsoft until 14th January 2020.