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New Message with Completed From Field

When Outlook is used with Exchange, and the permissions are set correctly, it is possible to send an email from your Outlook installation, as, or on behalf of, someone else.

If you do this frequently, then you may want to create a macro to open a new email message page, with the From field already completed. This would be useful if you are using the multiple account method of controlling email addresses on each domain, more information.

This page shows you what the Macro is, and how to set it as a button.

Create the Macro

Creating Macros in Outlook is very easy.

  1. Choose Tools, Macro, Macros, or press ALT-F8
  2. Enter a name and click Create.
  3. A new window will popup - Microsoft Visual Basic.
  4. Copy and paste the code below in to the window - replacing all the text that is there.
  5. Change the email @ to the email address that you want to send email FROM.
  6. Click "Close and Return to Microsoft Outlook".
  7. The macro is now ready to use. Test it by clicking on Run.

Create the Button

Creating the Button is also quite easy.

  1. Right click on the Toolbar where the other buttons are already located and choose Customize.
  2. Click on the "Commands Tab".
  3. In the column on the left, scroll down until you find Macros.
  4. The Macro that you have just created will be listed. Click on it, and drag and drop it to your preferred location on the toolbar.
  5. Leaving the Customize box open, right click on the button. You can now rename and modify the button - perhaps naming it to match the email address the message is using.
  6. When finished, close the Customize box.

Be careful when you have the customize box open as you can rearrange all the buttons, remove them and more while it is open.


If you find the message is not being sent, then you need to check that the "other" account is visible in the Global Address List OR is in the user's personal contacts. Otherwise Outlook cannot resolve it to the account to check that the permissions are set correctly.