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Shortcuts to the Exchange Toolbox tools

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The Exchange Management Console contains a number of useful tools for managing Exchange, which are actually separate items. This means that it is quite easy to setup a shortcuts in your Start Menu for those tools, so that you don't have to start them through the Exchange Management Console.

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You can either create them manually, or use the script on this page.

To create the shortcuts, use the new shortcut wizard and enter the Path shown. Once complete, edit the shortcut and change the icon. The path to the icons is also shown.

Unless otherwise stated, the icons for each shortcut can be found in the following location.

Configuration Management Tools
Best Practises Analyzer
Details Templates Editor
Public Folder Management Console
Remote Connectivity Analyser
Disaster Recovery Tools
Database Recovery Management
Database Troubleshooter
Mail Flow Tools
Mail Flow Troubleshooter

(Icon available simply by pressing "Change icon")
Message Tracking

(Icon available simply by pressing "Change icon")
Queue Viewer
Routing Log Viewer
Performance Tools
Performance Monitor

(Icon available simply by pressing "Change icon")
Performance Troubleshooter

(Icon available simply by pressing "Change icon")