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SSL Certificates

Exchange 2007 is built around web services, which means that SSL certificates are a vital part of that to ensure that data is moved between the clients and the server in a secure way. With the increased use of mobile devices and Outlook Anywhere, ensuring that your information, particularly authentication credentials are secure is very important.

Due to the integration of SSL with Exchange 2007, SSL certificate installation needs to be done with some care. The URLs used are now set within the product, and need to match not only the DNS entries, but names on the certificate.

Furthermore, unlike Exchange 2003 and older versions, IIS is not involved with the request, installation or management of the certificate. It all needs to be done through the Exchange management tools.

When Exchange 2007 is first installed, it creates a self signed certificate. This should be considered a place holder for a commercial trusted certificate. Not only does the self signed certificate generate certificate alerts for external clients, it is also not supported for use with Exchange ActiveSync or Outlook Anywhere.

This section covers the installation and configuration of a commercial SSL certificate in to Exchange 2007.

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